Ενεργές Κλινικές Μελετες MMMO

25  AMGEN PEDS ALL ALL <21yrs, R/R after blin, CAR-T or besponsa prior carfilzomib, prior PI <3mos ago, prior VXLD, VPLD, R3 <2mos ago ΝΑΙ I/II Carfizomib  ΝΑΙ Μαρ-24 Tsokanas Sagiadinou
26  SELLAS REGAL AML CR2 or more Systemic AML therapy and systemic immunosuppressive treament 4wks prior randomization, Acute promyelocytic leukemia ΝΑΙ III (ROL) WT1 vaccine vs SOC ΝΑΙ Δεκ-23 Tsokanas Sagiadinou
29 Παπαν. (ακαδημαικη) Penta-ST ALL DISEASES  HAPLO ALLO-SCT GvHD, DLI/Campath/ATG 28ds prior infusion, prednisone >0.5mg/kg daily ΝΑΙ I/II Penta-VST (ATMP) ΝΑΙ Δεκ-23 Liga Sagiadinou
30 Alexion TMA 313 TMA ALLO-SCT Shiga (+), DIC, VOD, ADAMTS13, Coombs (+) ΝΑΙ III (RDB) Ravulizumab vs Placebo ΝΑΙ Δεκ-24 Liga Sagiadinou
32 Abbvie VIALE-T AML ALLO-SCT AML therapy, blasts > 5% ΝΑΙ III (ROL) Aza-Ven ΝΑΙ Νοε-23 Liga Sagiadinou
33 AMGEN GOLDEN B-ALL (Ph-) 1L (>55y) active CNS leukemia, currently on treatmen, other malignancy.  ΝΑΙ III (ROL) Blina vs SOC ΝΑΙ Σεπ-25 Verigou Sagiadinou
34 ΟΚΤΑPΗ PRO-SID CLL IgG low IgG treatment 3months, major infection current or 6mos ago ΝΑΙ III (RDB) Panzynga VS SOC ΝΑΙ Δεκ-24 Gkikas Sagiadinou
36 ΠΑΤΡΑ (ακαδημαικη) IG-TREGS ALL DISEASES  SIBLING ALLO-SCT actiVe GvHD, ATG gvhd prophylaxis ΝΑΙ I/II iGTregs (ATMP) ΝΑΙ Δεκ-24 Liga (Gkikas) Sagiadinou
37 BMS KARMMA9 ΜΜ induction (PI+/-IMID)+ Auto-SCT, PR/VGPR post auto currently on consolidation/maintenance therapy, non-secretory MM, allo-SCT and other cellular therapies ΝΑΙ III (ROL) Ide cel (CART) vs Len maint. Noε-2023 2026 Liga Sagiadinou
38 BMS EXCAL-IBER ΜΜ induction (PI+/-IMID)+ Auto-SCT, at least PR post auto PD or refractory to primary treatment, Smoldering myeloma, solitary plasmacytoma or nonsecretory myeloma ΝΑΙ III (ROL) iberdomide vs Len maint Noε-2023 2026 Labropoulou Sagiadinou
39 EBMT (ακαδημαικη) EBMT-HD HL  bridging BV or CP for Auto - ΌΧΙ IV (παρατήρησης) bridging BV /  CPI NAI 1/6/2024 Liga Sagiadinou
40 EAE   MM selinexor/vortezomib/dara as 2nd-4th line    ΌΧΙ IV (παρατήρησης) selinexor/vortezomib/dara Ιαν-24 Δεκ-24 Labropoulou Sagiadinou
41 KARTOS  KRT-232-115 MF 2L (Jak inhibitor) DIPSS High, intermediate-2, or intermediate-1 risk,  Prior splenectomy, Prior MDM2 inhibitor therapy or p53-directed therapy
Prior allogeneic stem-cell transplant 
ΝΑΙ III (RDB) navtemadlin vs jakavi Μαρ-24 2026    
42 Agios Pharmaceuticals AG946-C-002 MDS MDS low risk, Nontransfused (NTD: <3 RBC), Hb <11.0 g/dL Secondary MDS, prior HMA, PK activators, IDH, allo-SCT,  Currently receiving treatment with luspatercept, EPO, or G-CSF ΝΑΙ II (RDB) AG946 Ιαν-24 Δεκ-24    
43 Celgene Corporation ACE-506-MF-002 MPD Jaki treated, RBC transfusions (4-12 RBC/12wks) anemia from cause other than MPN-associated MForJAK2 inhibitor therapy,  use of hydroxyurea, immunomodulatory compounds such as pomalidomide, thalidomide, ESAs, androgenic steroids  ΝΑΙ III (RDB) Luspa vs placebo Ιαν-24  9/2024    
44 EAE EAE115 MM 2L (PI/Len)   ΝΑΙ II isatuximab + Poma/Dexa Ιαν-24 Μαρ-25 Labropoulou  
45 EAE EAE116 MM NDMM, severe renal impairment   ΝΑΙ II isatuximab+Bor/Cy/Dexa Ιαν-24 Μαρ-24 Labropoulou  
46 Momenta/
  Johnson & Johnson
MOM-M281-006 Autoimmune
Warm Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia cold antibody autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA), cold agglutinin syndrome, mixed type (that is, warm and cold) AIHA, or paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria ΝΑΙ I/II Nipocalimab Ιαν-24 18/11/2024    
47 Prothena NEOD001-301 AL Amyloidosis Mayo Stage IV Non-AL amyloidosis, Prior treatment with plasma cell-directed chemotherapy, birtamimab, daratumumab, 11- 1F4, anti-serum amyloid P antibody, doxycycline for amyloid, Waldenström's macroglobulinemia and/or immunoglobulin M monoclonal gammopathy ΝΑΙ I/II birtamimab+SOC VS placebo+SOC Ιαν-24 Φεβ-24    
48 Pharma Cosmos P-SP-420-THAL-01 b-Thal Transfusion-dependent, iron chelation treatment, Transfusion iron overload MDS,  structural Hb variants HbS and HbC, S-ferritin <500 or >4000 ng/mL, Hypertransfused  (>6 units/month) ΝΑΙ I/II SP-420 Ιαν-24 Σεπ-24    
49 Novartis
CABL001J12302 CML-CP Ph (+), BCR:ABL1 transcript [e14a2 and/or e13a2],  at least 1L  CNS infiltration, Previous treatment of CML with chemo and/or biologic agents or prior stem cell transplant (except hydroxyurea) ΝΑΙ III (ROL) asciminib vs nilotinib Ιαν-24 Απρ-25    
50 SANOFI EFC15951 (IRAKLIA) MM R/R, at least 1L (Len+PI) Primary refractory, refractory to anti-CD38, Prior therapy with pomalidomide, Active primary amyloid-light (AL) amyloidosis ΝΑΙ I/II SC versus IV isatuximab + poma/dexa Δεκ-23 7/12/2023 Labropoulou  
51 NOVARTIS AG  CMBG453B12206B (rollover study) MDS MBG453 treated in Novartis study, responds to MBG453 treatment has been permanently discontinued from sabatolimab treatment in the parent study, has been permanently discontinued from sabatolimab treatment in the parent study ΝΑΙ III (ROL) MBG453+HMA Ιαν-24 Μαρ-24    
52 Celgene Corporation CC-220-MM-002 MM R/R Prior therapy with iberdomide, plasma cell leukemia, Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia or POEMS syndrome, clinically significant amyloidosis ΝΑΙ I/II IberDd Versus DVd Ιαν-24 Ιουν-26 Labropoulou  
53 BMS CA056-025 MDS ESA naive, NTD,  very low-low-intermediate risk   secondary MDS, known history of diagnosis of AML, PRCA, history of DVT-stroke-transient ischemic-cerebrovascular accident  ΝΑΙ III (ROL) Luspa vs Epo Φεβ-24 30/9/2025    
54 BMS CA057-008 MM R/R prior treatment with mezigdomide or carfilzomib, prior allo-SCT  ΝΑΙ III (ROL) CC-92480+Kd vs Kd Ιαν-24 Ιαν-25 Labropoulou  
55 Takeda ΤΑΚ-881-3001 PIDD IgG >5G/dL, requiring immunoglobulin (IgG) replacement, IgA deficiency, HIV, hepatitis, PLT<20.000, anemia,eGFR<60 ml/min ΝΑΙ I/II TAK-881 (immunoglobulin, sc) Φεβ-24 Δεκ-25    
56 Beigene BGB-3111-308 Follicular grade 1-3a FL or MZL, Measurable disease (CT or MRI), at least 1L (anti-CD20) Transformation to aggressive lymphoma, need for corticosteroid treatment ΝΑΙ III (ROL) zanubrutinib+anti-CD20 vs Len+Rituximab Μαρ-24 Ιουν-26    

EΠΕΞΗΓΗΣΕΙΣ: RWE (Real World Evidence), ROL (Randomized Open Label), RDB (Randomized Double Blind), 2L (second line), 1L (first line), MD (Medical Doctor)

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